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Keys to Your Treasure

Most treasures start off hidden, locked away, and usually require a key. Finding them involves decoding a map, and takes us on a journey that often requires taking some risks and summoning our courage. 

The journey to your voice is no different. 

When I work with poetry therapy clients who are trying to discover their own inner treasures, we always start by creating a map -- their Life Map. What is a life map? It’s a list, really, which identifies the phases in one’s life from birth until present. Like pictures in a photo album, it tells a story, stimulates memory, and charts the terrain. The simple act of mapping your life in this way reveals a new perspective, a birds-eye view if you will, of the winding road that led you to where you sit today, and includes all the experiences of light and dark that make you who you are. There is a deep inner voice inside each of us that has witnessed all of the moments in our life, and has a lot to say about them. But like a treasure chest, it needs a key and a willing hand to unlock it. That’s where poetry comes in. 

Poetry can help reveal the treasures hidden in your past experiences. The poems then become snapshots of your most iconic moments. There are literally hundreds of these moments that make up each phase of our unique life maps. By allowing me to guide and inspire -- and by leaving one’s inner critic at the door -- my poetry therapy clients are able to reach new levels of self-understanding, compassion, and healing. By allowing your voice to ‘speak’ your moments through writing, poetry therapy gives you the key to discovering your greatest treasure- you!

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