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Tales Worth Telling: Inspired Memoir

Capture your memories forever. Jennie guides each session to help draw out your story and distill a lifetime of wisdom. Together we will identify your essential stories, and write them down along with the life lessons and moments that make priceless memories. This is a unique opportunity to pass on “the poetry of life”. Each participant creates an anthology of memories to share with loved ones. Group or private session options.  No writing experience is necessary. Sessions available long distance through phone and Skype. 

Out of that lonely, unhappy childhood,
Through years of people, places, parenthood,
Now I have come to an old and happy age.
From the battleground of causes I have retreated,
Given over the fight.
From large rooms and talking people
To this small room I've come.
I have the few utensils that I need:
A bed, a desk, good light and quiet.
Full circle I have come.

Full Circle
by Marion Cannon 

Fee: $120/Session 

One hour private face to face, phone call or Skype session each week with Jennie. Writing exercises are completed on your own time after the session, and emailed.