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Capture Your Journey With a Special Child

This workshop is especially for parents of special children searching for self-discovery and healing. Over eight weeks, we explore your journey, beginning with your dreams for your child, and taking time to explore your feelings, fears and triumphs as a parent of a special child. Led by the mother of a special child, this workshop is for every parent who has walked the path to find help, renegoitiated a marriage, and discovered inner strength along the way. No writing experience is necessary. Sessions available long distance through phone and Skype. 


Class 1: The Beginning: The Birth; The Original Dream

Class 2: A Different Path: Knowing Something is Different; Diagnosis

Class 3: Perseverance: Your Tools of Inner Strength

Class 4: Meeting the Challenge: Asking for Help; Looking for Answers

Class 5: Redefining Family: Marriage and Relationships; Siblings

Class 6: Healing: Acceptance; Blessings; Your Inner Healing

Class 7: New Perspectives: A New Dream

Class 8: Celebration of Poems


Fee: $120/Session 

One hour private face to face, phone call or Skype session each week with Jennie. Writing exercises are completed on your own time after the session, and emailed.