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"I wasn’t familiar with poetry and had zero writing abilities before I started LifeSPEAKS Poetry Therapy Course, Your Story Starts Here. With Jennie’s loving guidance and gentle supportive hand I’ve been able to unravel my past, conquer my deepest fears, and move closer to my true-authentic self. She genuinely cares about her clients and provides a safe environment to creatively express ones feelings and emotions through writing. She has been able to facilitate in me this new avenue of self expression which has magically changed my life. Her professionalism coupled with her expertise in poetry makes her course one not to be missed."
-Danielle G.

"Jennie's course, Your Story Starts Here has not only revived the writer in me, but has changed the way I live, love and relate to the world around me. We as humans develop such a strong attachment to our story and where we come from. The key is to learn how to honor what's true, change what doesn't work and keep creating. Each week in the "writing room" with Jennie, I was given the opportunity to examine, express and in many ways, re-write my life story, stage by stage.  Jennie is a true wisdom holder, a healer in so many ways and has invited me to sing my song and speak my truth, in an open, authentic and inspiring environment. Her ability to hearten fearlessness through poetry is truly a gift and I am beyond grateful to know such a dedicated, talented and genuine facilitator, poet and woman in the universe."
-Erica J.

“The workshop will take you to places you didn’t know existed. It will help you look at your life from the inside.  It will give your pen permission and freedom to open up your heart.”
- Nadine T.

“Taking Jennie’s class has totally changed my life.  Not only did I get in touch with the writer locked deep within, but through the healing of this course, I found myself in the process.”
-  Michelle M.
“Jennie provides a safe environment that encourages connecting with the innermost self.  I’m writing with clarity and expression that has promoted healing in a deep and meaningful way.  I would recommend this class to anyone who desires a safe, supportive and nurturing place to write.”  
-  Rebecca F.
“The workshop more than met my expectations!  Jennie’s loving insights and poetry selections encouraged me to gently explore my interior self: mind, soul and memory. It exposed many missing links by opening the doors to my spirit and emotions.  I am hooked on writing poetry for my sanity!”
-  Conni Su S.
“I have learned an incredible amount about myself- digging in the trenches every week.  I love the sharing and the listening aspect of the class.  It generates tremendous compassion.”
-  Kathryn M.
“We all have seeds of memory scattered throughout our soul.  Jennie’s warmth and support offered throughout her workshops is a trellis for us to bring them back into full bloom through use of words, and by doing so we come to appreciate the events more fully.”
-  Janise F.
“Very powerful experience!  Reading and writing poetry, with Jennie as my guide, has opened a door for me into a place of my heart that I didn’t even know existed.”
-  Sanne S., Denmark

“Jennie is a beautiful, trusting guide who encourages a journey of self-exploration through writing.  She provides the needed tools, inspiration, emotional support and a sort of road map to the heart of your soul allowing for surprising realizations and unexpected gifts.”
-  Julee H.

“I now have an ability to see myself in a different light; an ability to look back and see my roots, accept them and then go on to see myself as a woman of today.”
- Rosalie H.

“Jennie’s class is a safe, trusting, warm place to share and learn.  I have a much better understanding of myself- of how I think and express my thoughts.  I have a strength I didn’t have before, which comes from a truer sense of myself.”
- Alicia C.