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Adult Writing Groups   >> Click for info
Group Workshops for Adults

Powerful group process of responding to literature and poetry with your own journal writing.

Kids Writing Groups   >> Click for info
Group Workshop for Kids

Explore life themes through writing poetry in a supportive group environment.

Your Story Starts Here   >> Click for info
Guided Expressive Writing for Men & Women
10 Session Workshop

How did I get here? Explore stories of your childhood, family, love, loss and life’s work in a supportive, guided workshop.

Launch Your Search for Self-Discovery   >> Click for info
Individualized Expressive Writing for Men & Women
Customized Private or Group Workshop
Customize your own course with Jennie. Illuminate your path with guided memories, stories, poems and discussion to discover the story within. Find the right words to tell your own story, in your own way.

Tales Worth Telling    >> Click for info
Expressive Writing & Poetry for Seniors
Customized Private or Group Workshop
Identify and express the memories you most want to pass on to future generations. Share the wisdom of a lifetime in your own words.

Capture Your Journey with a Special Child   >> Click for info
Express your unique story traveling the path less taken.  A safe place to explore the love, joy, challenges, highs, lows and learning so much a part of every day for parents of a special needs child.

For Pediatricians, Therapists and Educators: one day or evening seminars also available


Each LifeSPEAKS session and workshop is guided by Jennie Linthorst to inspire insight, self-awareness and fresh hope. Jennie listens deeply without judgment, and offers a safe space to express yourself. Through guided writing and readings, Jennie offers compassionate coaching as you begin the process of writing your own story.